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About The Minaki Foundation Print E-mail
Minaki Foundation
Monday, 20 April 2009 20:37

The Minaki Foundation is a registered charitable foundation (CRA# 119041473RR0001) created to operate exclusively as a charitable organization to administer and employ its properties, assets, and rights for the benefit of the community of Minaki and surrounding area in the Province of Ontario.  The Minaki Foundation provides assistance for community and area needs through its income from an investment portfolio and the generous donations provided by individuals and families.  Donations to the Minaki Foundation are tax deductable in Canada and the Foundation provides an official Canada Revenue Agency tax receipt for donations received. Donations may be sent to the Minaki Foundation, Box 109, Minaki, Ontario, P0X 1J0

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About the Local Services Board Print E-mail
Local Services Board
Monday, 20 April 2009 21:22

The Minaki Local Services Board was created by Ministerial Order under the province's Northern Services Board Act.  It provides certain basic services within a specific geographic area where there is no municipal organization to deliver these services.  The Minaki Local Services Board has been designated the LSB powers of recreation, fire protection and street or area lighting.  Recreation is provided through the Minaki Community Association (MCA) and fire protection is provided through the Minaki United Fire Fighters (MUFF). The Minaki Activity Group is responsible for organizing children's activities within the Community.  The Minaki Local Services owns and operates the Minaki Community Hall and the Minaki Fire Hall.  Although street lighting is one of the Minaki LSB mandates, the other services have taken precedence.

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About the Minaki Roads Board Print E-mail
Minaki Roads Board
Monday, 20 April 2009 21:32

The Minaki Local Roads Board takes care of roads in the Minaki townsite.  It operates under the provincial local roads board act Local Roads Boards Act , which applies in areas without municipal organization. The Board consists of

  • Larry Muncer
  • Malcolm Reid
  • Bryan Rheault
  • Jennifer McPhearson (secretary)





About the Minaki Waste Management Board Print E-mail
Waste Management Board
Monday, 18 May 2009 16:37

The Minaki Waste Management Board is in charge of the Minaki waste disposal site.  The Board consists of

  • Lorraine Muncer
  • Bryan Rheault
  • Kane Turcan

For current waste disposal rules and fees please see the Minaki Dump Rules!

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