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Monday, 20 April 2009 21:22

The Minaki Local Services Board was created by Ministerial Order under the province's Northern Services Board Act.  It provides certain basic services within a specific geographic area where there is no municipal organization to deliver these services.  The Minaki Local Services Board has been designated the LSB powers of recreation, fire protection and street or area lighting.  Recreation is provided through the Minaki Community Association (MCA) and fire protection is provided through the Minaki United Fire Fighters (MUFF). The Minaki Activity Group is responsible for organizing children's activities within the Community.  The Minaki Local Services owns and operates the Minaki Community Hall and the Minaki Fire Hall.  Although street lighting is one of the Minaki LSB mandates, the other services have taken precedence.

Who Administers the Minaki Local Services Board?

The Minaki Local Services Board is made up of 5 members, elected annually for a term of one year (October 1 to September 30).  Currently, board members are:

  • Barb Mach - Chair
  • Ben Barber – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Rachel Taylor
  • Sean Bruce
  • Matt Bruce

Minaki Community Association:

  • Whitney Bruce – President
  • Vacant – Vice President
  • Ben Barber - Secretary Treasurer
  • Carla Bruce
  • Rachel Taylor
  • Barb Mach
  • Matt Bruce
  • Sean Bruce
  • Lara Barber

Minaki Activity Group:

  • Barb Mach
  • Rachel Taylor
  • Sarah Ferguson
  • Lindsay Reid

What Does it Cost to Deliver LSB Services in Minaki?

The Minaki Local Services Board operates the Minaki Community Hall and Minaki Fire Hall on a budget of approximately $55,000 annually.  The Minaki LSB budgets annually approximately $11,000 for insurance, $6,500 for accounting and audit services, $$22,500 for utilities (propane, hydro, fire wood etc.), $5,000 for repairs and maintenance, $4,000 for fire fighter's training and communications, $2,400 secretarial honorarium, and $1,000 for office expenses.  The Minaki LSB does have additional operating expenses and we limit expenditures to the best of our ability.

How is the Minaki LSB Funded?

The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines contributes approximately $12,000 towards the operation of the Minaki Local Services Board.  The original arrangement was that the Ministry would contribute 50% of eligible expenses but the Ministry's contribution was frozen at the present level many years ago.  Additional revenues are obtained through community fundraising and through a levy on properties within the Minaki Local Services Board geographic area.

About Local Services Boards in General

The Northern Services Board Act is administered by the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.  The services that may be provided a Local Services Board may include any or all of the following:  water supply; fire protection; garbage collection and removal; sewage collection and treatment; street or area lighting; recreation; roads; public library services; and possibly sponsorship of 911 services.  A Local Service Board has no regulatory powers such as planning of licensing and no responsibilities for health, social services, education, land fills or dump sites.