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Tuesday, 16 July 2013 11:28

Minaki Lodge Commemoration Project Underway

July 9, 2013

After the sale of the Minaki Lodge was completed, in the Fall of 2010, clean up of the site began immediately. The historical significance of the Lodge to both permanent and seasonal Minaki residents was not overlooked by the new owners, Minaki on the River. With this in mind, one of the main priorities of the clean up was to recover as much of the historical material (wood and stone) as possible. The majority of the material was destroyed, but some of it was recovered. Granite blocks and slabs from the main fireplace and outside walls were salvageable. Some of the large fir floor joists, from the main rotunda, were also recovered. At that time discussions on how to incorporate those materials into the future Minaki on the River project began.

The granite blocks and slabs were sorted and stored. The large floor beams were sandblasted, to remove the damaged areas, and were also stored. During this reclamation period, the idea of using the material to create a gazebo was discussed. A firm that specializes in the design and construction of such structures was contracted shortly there after.

The site for the gazebo, on the point between the Dockside restaurant and the Powerhouse, was chosen to give it maximum visibility from the Winnipeg River. The base of the gazebo will use the recovered granite blocks as the facing around the concrete foundation. The recovered timber floor beams will be used as the roof joists for the gazebo. Finally, a bronze plaque commemorating the Lodge, with be mounted in the gazebo.

The project is expected to be completed by fall of 2013.

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