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11th Annual Minaki Spagetti Dinner Print E-mail
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Friday, 15 January 2010 10:57

2009 Fall Spage...
2009 Fall Spagetti Dinner Folks
One hundred people filled the Minaki Curling Rink viewing area on Saturday, November 21, 2009 to partake of the 11th annual Minaki Spaghetti Dinner.  It was a huge success with everyone having a wonderful family evening and the Minaki Community Association receiving roughly $1800.

Traut Barber and Donna Cordeiro held the first Spaghetti dinner in 1999 expecting it to be a one time event.  But it was so well attended that it has become an annual event and a great wind up to the fall season in Minaki. 

The dining area is decorated in a Christmas motif and the evening includes a full dinner with spaghetti, salad, garlic toast, desserts plus a cash bar and a raffle.  Traut and Donna purchase, cook and donate all the food, volunteer high school students Shelby Shewman (4th year volunteer) and Abby Bennett assisted with the serving and clean up, the bar is operated by a slow serving, once a year volunteer bartender, Peter

2009 Fall Spage...
2009 Fall Spagetti Dinner1
Barber, and the raffle prizes are donated by local/area artists and businesses.  The result is that all of the proceeds from dinner sales and the raffle (along with profits from the bar) go to assist with the operation of facilities in Minaki.  It has always been a fabulous community event, a great social evening and a very successful fund raiser.


This year we had Dick and Sharon Guarino attend from Winnipeg, Hub and Joan Chaput from Ste. Anne, Russell and Heather Bencharski from Ste. Anne plus a great contingent from Kenora.  Bruce Mahaffy (Winnipeg/Minaki) assisted with the raffle using his comedic touch of repeating Traut’s announcements using a German accent (you had to be there).  Thanks to Bruce and to everyone who made a special effort to attend.

The following is a breakdown of the fund raising:

Dinner receipts   $880
Bar receipts        $724
Raffle receipts    $546

TOTAL              $2150  less bar costs equals roughly $1800.

Thanks to all Volunteers, Donators and Participants for helping to make the 11th Annual Spaghetti Dinner a great success.

The raffle items, donators and winners at the 2009 Spaghetti Dinner were as follows:

Raffle item                              Donated by                    Winner                   

Quilt                                             Traut Barber                       Kane Turcan
Stained Glass Angel                      Donna Cordeiro                  Anita Eastwood
Knitted Socks                              Annie Ferguson                    Jane Campbell
Floor Cushion Pillows                  Kane Turcan                        Pat Rheault
Hoola Hoop                                Sally Kendall                        Bruce Mahaffy
Welded Goose                            Russell Bencharski               Stach Zroback
Willow Christmas Tree                Carol Rheault                       Shan Barr
Painting                                       Joan Grandbois                    Chris Halley
Painting                                       Joan Grandbois                    Grace Tindall
Painting                                       Joan Grandbois                    Wanda Halley
Painting                                       Joan Grandbois                    Chris Main
Painting                                       Joan Grandbois                    Jennifer McPhearson
Golf Shirt                                    River Air                               Barb Morgan   
Violets in basket                         Margot Seefield                     Kristen Bowlin                                
Life Jacket                                 Woodlake Marine                  V. Krahn
Life Jacket                                 Woodlake Marine                 Jane Campbell
Hat                                             Dingwall Ford                       Bruce Mahaffy
Hat                                             Bayview Toyota                    Kay Rheault
Stuffed Moose                            Bayview Toyota                    Anita Eastwood
Belaclava                                    Woodlake Marine                 V. Krahn

Dingwall Ford and Bayview Toyota also donated additional hats and water bottles and the winners were Sharon Guarino, Russell Bencharski, Marcie McNally and Joan Chaput.

Thank you to all the contributors and ticket purchasers for making the raffle a great success.